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KILLER - offer of color types
KILLER - offer of color types
9 cm 13,5 g floating

Floating deep running lure with a sound effect designed for catching all kinds of prey. Recomended fishing line - 0,25 - 0,30 mm. When the lure is used properly, it can achieve as deep as 5 m.

We offer these various colours:
WF white fish [photo]   BF blue fish [photo]
RHY red head, yellow fish [photo]   SA salmon [photo]
SAP salmon purple [photo]   CH char [photo]
FM fluo mackerel [photo]   BRM brown mackerel [photo]
BS bass [photo]   PI pike [photo]
TR trout [photo]   SB silver-blue fish [photo]
GF golden-black fish [photo]   BH black head, red fish [photo]
FA fantasy [photo]   GFR golden fish orange [photo]
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